Number Samples

Accurate measurements are taken of the rider. If the rider currently has a bicycle that they ride, measurments are also taken of that bike so they can be compared to the final results of the fitting session. Notes are made so the specialist can take into consideration factors other than just measurements. At the end of the fitting process, a paper form can be generated.

The computer gives us our recommended starting point based upon our 30 years of collected data.

Then the rider is set up to ride on the adjutable fitting bike. Our specialist will set the adjustable fit bike up to the 'recommended starting point' and then 'dial it in' until the rider is comfortable.

This is where the cycling experience, ability to listen, and knowledge of bicycles all becomes important in your fit specialist.

Once everything is asjusted, you can ride the adjustable fit bike until you are satisfied that you are comfortable.

Now the computer takes over and compares all of the the data collected against the geometry of our 15 Rodriguez production sizes and registers the sizes that are a match for 'Joe'.

Notice in this case, the compter ('Computer Says' area) found 4 sizes to fit 'Joe Smith' in the 'perfect size' column. When the adjustable fit bike numbers were analyzed ('Fit Bike Says' area), the focus was narrowed to just one 'Perfect Size', a 7S.

A paper form is then generated for the customer. If the service was a full fitting, then the customer can take the form with them for comparison purposes.

A Perfect Fit!

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